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Nicole Verkindt: Shifting Power Dynamics in a Digital Age

Nicole Verkindt: Shifting Power Dynamics in a Digital Age

As a successful tech entrepreneur, Nicole Verkindt has her fingers on the pulse of technological trends and their effect on business as we know it. She recently shared insight into the shifting power dynamics that we’re currently seeing in the marketplace as a result of disruptive technology. It places more power into the hands of consumers and employees versus traditional leaders.

This shift has resulted in changing requirements for leadership styles, forcing companies to change how they approach their work, especially when it comes to diversity. We are seeing increased demands for 2D diversity, Nicole explains, which covers both inherent diversity (gender, ethnicity, culture, etc.) as well as acquired (learning and experiences).

The only way for those organizations to stay relevant is to essentially blow up the way they operate internally and to leverage a whole bunch of different people around the table, different ages, different backgrounds… and to embrace this completely new way of leading.

Hear more from Nicole in the video below:

Named “Canada’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” by StartUp Canada in 2017, Nicole Verkindt has a knack for finding industry gaps and building innovative platforms and technology to fill them. Speaking to the importance of entrepreneurial and disruptive thinking, diversity in leadership, technology, and innovation, Nicole empowers audiences to turn their ideas into success.

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