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What’s Next? Preparing for the New World of Work

What’s Next? Preparing for the New World of Work

We’ve lived through a period of accelerated change brought on by a global pandemic that few of us were ready for. Now, 18 months later, we’ve shifted and adapted the way we work and live as best we could, but are left asking — what’s next? Our experts on the future of work have the answers.

Strategies for Optimal Adaptation

Andrew Au | Global Thought Leader on Digital Transformation and Culture Change

We’re in the middle of a complete business model evolution. Workflows are no longer confined to location, teams are not determined by geographics, businesses are not defined by industries.

Andrew Au provides a real-time glimpse into how leading global organizations are redefining their future of work strategies. This includes hybrid culture building practices; employee skilling programs; automation, robotics and AI integration; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and more.

Just as the nature of work is evolving rapidly, so does Au’s content. He updates it frequently to reflect the latest trends, learnings, and practices to provide audiences with the best pathways forward into this new world of work.

Technology, AI, and Equitable Workplaces

Sinead Bovell | Futurist | AI and Future of Work Expert

Soon, humans may no longer be the smartest entity in the room. By 2030, it’s estimated that up to 800 million jobs could be replaced by technology. But the outlook isn’t bleak. By taking the right steps today, this transition can become an opportunity to accelerate equality in our workforce and create a tech-centric society that works effectively for everyone.

Futurist Sinead Bovell outlines the skillsets we can build, policies we can implement, infrastructures we can redesign, and new societal contracts we can implement to empower individuals and companies alike to reap the benefits of a smart world.

Leading with a Growth Mindset

Ron Tite | Purpose-Driven Leadership and Marketing Expert

A new world of work requires a new type of leadership style. One that can turn today’s challenges into future opportunities; one that prioritizes growth.

Drawing on global case studies of leading brands, Ron Tite shows leaders how to shift into the growth mindset. Yes, that means financial growth. But it also means personal growth, organizational growth, systems growth, as well as the growth of new communities, new processes, new environments, and more.

Great challenges always create great opportunities, Tite says. And this opportunity is a once-in-lifetime chance to reinvent and re-energize you, your team, and your business. Go from recovery to reinvention by learning how to prioritize growth.

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