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Sundance Filardi Photo

Sundance Filardi

President, The Spotlight Agency

Sundance Filardi began her career with Speakers Spotlight in 2002. While working as an agent, she began to focus on their high-profile talent and their unique needs.

For 10 years, Sundance developed and grew the “Speakers Spotlight Celebrity Division” to connect the bureaus’ most famous personalities with opportunities such as brand partnerships and television deals.

In September 2017, Sundance became President of The Spotlight Agency, sister company to Speakers Spotlight, which focuses on pairing celebrity talent with top tier organizations from a variety of industries, including well-known PR and advertising agencies, major companies and brands, recognizable non-profits, acclaimed broadcasters and media outlets, and more.

Sundance is known for her prompt attention to her clients’ needs, knowing her talent and clients very well, and helping unite talent with brands, digital content, television, events, and other exciting endeavours. She has an extensive knowledge of her talent roster and the industry, and has built long-lasting relationships with talent and clients alike.