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What We’re Reading: Explore the Exponential Impact of Potential, Proximity, and Post-Pandemic Geopolitics in May

What We’re Reading: Explore the Exponential Impact of Potential, Proximity, and Post-Pandemic Geopolitics in May

From exploring the exponential impact of potential to diving deep into the post-pandemic geopolitical and business landscape, May bring us three new must-read books to help us best navigate our new normal.  

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Potential: How to Connect What’s Already There for Exponential Impact

Available May 7
Potential by Pam August

Potential is an oft-used word that is both enticing and elusive — enticing because it drives us forward; elusive because it’s often not realized amidst the clamour and stress of busy work and busy lives. Synthesizing her learning from a decades-long career in higher education, leadership, team, and organizational development, Pam August cuts through the noise in her new book, Potential.

For 14 years, Pam was the Director of Culture Activation at WestJet where she was a fierce champion and developer of people and culture as a key enabler of strategic success. Today, she is a trusted partner for high-performance organizations around the world through her consulting firm, Connecting Potential.

With a background in leading culture development and experience working with diverse organizations, Pam knows what it takes to uncover, align, and activate the best of who we are and who we want to be. In her book, she shows readers how to amplify their impact by connecting the potential within each individual, between relationships, and within organizations for transformational results.

A Map of the New Normal

Available May 14
A Map of the New Normal by Jeff Rubin

With the release of his new book, economist and bestselling author Jeff Rubin warns that the shock inflation of 2021 is the front of a perfect storm of war, supply-chain disruption, geopolitical realignment, domestic upheaval, and energy scarcity that will change everything.

During the pandemic, government deficits skyrocketed to record highs while central banks primed the printing presses — and the time has come to pay for it. The ramifications of international COVID-19 spending could potentially last for decades, and inevitably one of the first consequences will be that central banks will lose control of interest rates, and subsequently, growth and inflation targets. The genie will be out of the bottle.

That is just the first symptom of a series of cascading upheavals. Tracking trade wars and kinetic wars, central banks and runs on banks, pipelines blown up, and startups knocked down, A Map of the New Normal gives us a glimpse of a near future that will look very different from the past. It reminds us that mortgage rates job security, grocery bills, and investments, are all tied to events set in motion by governments, corporations, and black swans around the world.

Proximity: How Coming Breakthroughs in Just-in-Time Transform Business, Society, and Daily Life

Available May 28
Proximity: How Coming Breakthroughs in Just-in-Time Transform Business, Society, and Daily Life

What if you could have whatever you want, produced and provided immediately and affordably no matter how customized with minimal environmental impact? Essentially, products, services, and experiences on demand. This radical change is underway as digital technologies push the production and provision of value ever closer to the moment of demand.

Co-authors Robert C. Wolcott and Kaihan Krippendorff provide an indispensable guide to the Proximity revolution, showing how it’s transforming every industry ― and our lives. Offering unparalleled foresight for leaders and innovators, they reveal how pervasive this trend will be as it represents an entirely new way to serve customers, with critical implications for corporate strategy, investing, public policy, supply chain resilience, and sustainability.

Through interviews and compelling examples, Proximity shares stories of the people and companies leading the way. It’s a playbook for business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs to win this rapidly emerging game ― and for individuals looking to understand the implications for our careers, families, communities, and lives.

Pam August, Jeff Rubin, and Kaihan Krippendorff deliver dynamic and engaging keynote presentations that dive deep into the concepts explored in their new books.

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