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About Us: We Believe Impact is the Best Measurement of Our Success

About Us: We Believe Impact is the Best Measurement of Our Success

When your mission is to change the world through the power of speech, impact is the name of your game. It is something we have prioritized and celebrated for years — decades! — and we’re proud to say that in 2023, we made it official.

Sparked by the launch of our rebrand earlier this year, we’ve spent the better part of 2023 publishing an in-depth exploration of our core values and how they’ve shaped Speakers Spotlight over the years.

Today, we’re looking at our sixth value and the newest addition to the pack — we believe impact is the best measurement of our success.

An Evolution of Values

Why it took us so long to make this value official is a mystery. Our success as a company is measured by the impact our speakers have at our clients’ events and with the audiences they serve. Without it, we lose the purpose behind what we do.

The best part of our workday is hearing about the success of an event we helped broker — feedback we’re lucky to receive multiple times a day as we work on 2500+ events a year.

Amy Panchyshyn

Amy Panchyshyn, our Director of Marketing who has been with the company for over 10 years, captured it best when she said, “There’s a real culture of sharing at Speakers Spotlight. Anytime someone receives great feedback from a client it’s sent to all staff, which serves as a daily reminder that we’re all part of the impact our speakers can have, regardless of our role. Whether it’s news of an epic standing ovation, or an emotional, heartfelt response, every instance of enlightenment, growth, or newfound perspective is a huge success for us. It fuels what we do each day.

Although impact has only officially been part of our on-paper values since our rebrand, we’ve been saying it for years: a speech can last 60 minutes; its impact can last forever.”

What Our Clients Say:

Speakers Spotlight has been knocking it out of the park for us for over 12 years. They never disappoint.  Their speaker recommendations are always dead on and, quite often, the speaker is someone we never would have considered, and they turn out to be the highlight of the meeting. Speakers Spotlight has a gift for understanding what each event requires while staying within our budget. The keynotes are always outstanding and professional, and the booking process is simple. Thank you for making our conferences memorable and the content meaningful.  

Christine Nattrass, Director, Events
Royal LePage Canada

Over the last few years, we saw the impact our speakers can have at a greater scale. So, when looking to refresh our brand to better represent the company we have evolved into, we memorialized that impact and the important role it plays not only for our company, but for our community of speakers and clients, by making it one of our official values.

Watch the video below to hear Martin Perelmuter, our co-founder and president, speak more on this.

Impact in Action

Marnie Ballane

Now that in-person events are back, we’re fortunate to be able to witness this impact in-person again. Marnie Ballane, our Senior Vice-President, Western Region, said, “what really brings me joy is to be in the room when one of our speakers is presenting and to see the audience in the moment truly take in the story and reflect on what it means to them; to see people engaged and laughing (or crying) in real time, knowing this will be a unique shared experience for them.”

This sentiment is shared by Farah Perelmuter, our co-founder and CEO, and is one of the reasons why she and Martin set out on this entrepreneurial journey in the first place — to make an impact; to enable audiences to hear and learn from today’s leading thinkers and most inspiring individuals. Hear more from Farah in the video below:

What Our Speakers Say:

I do a lot of speaking so Speakers Spotlight isn’t just an organization that ‘gets me gigs’. Every single person and every department are all extensions of me and my team. Speakers Spotlight isn’t a partner. They’re not a client. And I’m not a client. They are a valued part of my team who share my goals, share my aspirations, share my approach, and most importantly, share my values.

Ron Tite
Purpose-Driven Leadership and Marketing Expert

While many of our values have been with us since day one, some are added to mark key moments of growth. We’re proud to now have impact officially written down as one of our six core values. It has always been our promise to our clients, now we just put a ring on it.  

This article wraps up our deep dive into the values that shape Speakers Spotlight as a company and as a team. Next up, we’ll be exploring the unique philosophy we’ve adopted over the years that has laid the foundation of everything we do; the differences we bring to our community of speakers and clients that set us apart from the competition. Stay tuned!

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