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Fall Planning: Small Business Week in October

Fall Planning: Small Business Week in October

October is home to Small Business Week, an annual celebration of Canadian entrepreneurs. In 2023, it takes place October 15-21.

With several of our clients hosting special events during this week, meet some of the speakers we’re recommending in 2023. They’re firsthand, “in the trenches” experience and knowledge helps audiences navigate the ever-shifting business landscape we find ourselves in today.

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Embracing Change, Encouraging Disruption, and Incentivizing Innovation

Michele Romanow

Michele Romanow

“Dragon”, CBC’s Dragons’ Den | Co-Founder and Executive Chair, Clearco

Serial entrepreneur Michele Romanow started six companies before her 35th birthday. She is currently the co-founder and executive chair of Clearco, the largest e-commerce investor in the world.

In her insightful and practical keynotes, Michele shares lessons learned from her prolific entrepreneurial journey, including the necessity of embracing change, encouraging disruption, and incentivizing innovation at every stage. As a tech titan, she also shares great insight into today’s biggest tech trends, including AI, and how entrepreneurs can use new technologies to their advantage.

The Corporate World Reimagined

Wes Hall

Wes Hall

“Dragon”, CBC’s Dragons’ Den | Entrepreneur | Philanthropist

Wes Hall’s climb to the top of the corporate ladder is an inspirational one. He is the founder of Kingsdale Advisors, one of the most successful corporate advisory firms in North America, and of BlackNorth Initiative, an organization dedicated to creating new opportunities for Black employees

In his riveting keynotes, Wes not only shares his personal story of success, but reveals concrete steps leaders and organizations can take to reduce systemic barriers and foster equitable workplaces.

The Knix Way: Building a Brand with Purpose

Headshot Griffiths, Joanna Oct 2023

Joanna Griffiths

Founder and President, Knix and Kt by Knix

As the lines become blurred between commerce and content, marketing and community, and impact vs. income, a new way of business has evolved. Leading the charge is Knix.

Since launching in 2013, Joanna Griffiths has built Knix into one of the fastest growing intimate apparel brands worldwide, successfully negotiating a $410-million acquisition of her company in 2022.

Joanna walks audiences through lessons learned from building one of the most successful and prolific mission-driven brands of the digital era to help them thrive in this new business landscape.

Unleashing Your Disruptive Behaviour

Graham Sherman

Graham Sherman

Owner, Tool Shed Brewing Company

Graham Sherman is no stranger to shaking things up. After quitting his stable government job, he had to break all the rules to open his brewery, transforming the Albertan craft brewing industry in the process. Then, when the pandemic hit, he had to do it all over again — this time, to keep his brewery.

Engaging and hilarious, Graham dives deep into his incredible decade-long entrepreneurial journey to show audiences how, in embracing an adaptable, resilient, and collaborative mindset, they can harness disruption to their advantage.

The Power of Purpose

Zahra Al-Harazi

Zahra Al-Harazi

Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Purpose-Driven Leadership Expert

Your brand reflects your organization’s culture, and that culture is the reflection of your purpose, daily habits, and values.

With a no-holds-barred attitude, Zahra Al-Harazi helps people and organizations realize their potential for success through finding their purpose. She shares powerful case studies of extraordinary organizations that have learned to build, shape, and unlock their purpose to effectively lead their teams and businesses to the forefront.

Are You Stuck in Business Purgatory?

David Segal

David Segal

Founder of DAVIDsTEA and Mad Radish | Retail Visionary and Branding Expert

The worst fate in business, argues David Segal, is purgatory, where every day is a battle to make ends meet. As both an entrepreneur and an investor, David’s experienced it first-hand and has identified the three primary causes: product, people, and ego.

In this compelling talk, David takes audiences through the five criteria that make for a compelling product; the most important qualities to look for in your people (hint: it’s not about skills or experience); and shares tips on how to put your own ego aside to move your business forward.

An energetic and passionate speaker, David brings his concepts to life with real-world examples, including tales from his own experience leading a $200 million brand.

The Power of Women-Led Businesses

Jennifer Menard-Shand Headshot Aug 2023

Jennifer Ménard-Shand

Indigenous French-Canadian Entrepreneur

The founder and CEO of Staff Shop, Jennifer Ménard-Shand is a First Nations Ojibwe and French-Canadian whose tragedy-to-triumph entrepreneurial story inspires and empowers audiences to follow their purpose-driven path. She shares why aligning our individual gifts with our core values is the key to finding success, and how to make a measurable impact within our communities through meaningful work.

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