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Serena Ryder Partners with Kids Help Phone to Transform Youth Mental Health

Serena Ryder Partners with Kids Help Phone to Transform Youth Mental Health

11 years after its initial release, Juno Award-winning musician Serena Ryder re-recorded and re-released her hit song “What I Wouldn’t Do” for a cause close to her heart. She along with 50 Canadian artists teamed up with Kids Help Phone to transform youth mental health and promote their new campaign, Feel Out Loud.

Serena is a long-time advocate for mental wellness and the recipient of the Margaret Trudeau Mental Health Advocacy Award. “What I Wouldn’t Do” holds a special place for her as it marked the start of her publicly sharing her struggle with mental wellness.

What helped Serena throughout her mental health journey was knowing she wasn’t alone; that she had a community of people who loved and supported her. This is ultimately what her song is about and she’s proud to partner with an organization that takes on that very role for Canadian youth.

“I was so excited to be a part of this because Kids Help Phone is probably one of the most amazing resources that we have for mental wellness for kids, and for adults at the same time,” Serena said in an interview with Breakfast Television.

“Feeling alone is one of the most terrible things,” she continued, “especially when it comes to mental health, when it comes to abuse. Feeling like you can’t share it with anyone and that no one knows how you’re feeling. So, to have that safe space is incredible.”

Within 15 minutes of being asked to join the campaign, Serena adapted her lyrics to better align with its message. Then she and 50 fellow Canadian artists united to bring it to life, including such stars as Leela Gilday, Alessia Cara, Fefe Dobson, Jully Black, and more.

This is the most that I’ve heard about anything I’ve been a part of for the last 20 years,” Serena said. “I feel like we’ve been reaching so many people, and the phone calls have been going up, the amount of people getting help is going up, which is amazing,” Serena said.

Watch Serena’s full interview with Breakfast Television to learn more about her work with Kids Help Phone and why she’s proud to be a part of the Feel Out Loud campaign:

A former Bell Let’s Talk spokesperson, Serena combines stories and songs in her memorable and touching keynote presentations that explore her mental health journey. Contact us to learn more about Serena and how to book her for your next event.

Speakers Spotlight is proud to donate a small percentage of our earnings from each of our bookings to Kids Help Phone. Learn more about the causes we support through our work, and check out the Feel Out Loud music video below — we’re sure you’ll be humming this all day, just as we are.