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Recommended Podcast: Geopolitical Experts Dive Deep into Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Recommended Podcast: Geopolitical Experts Dive Deep into Russia-Ukraine Conflict

One of our go-to podcasts, especially during today’s challenging geopolitical atmosphere, is the Munk Members Only Podcast, hosted by the co-founder, chair, and moderator of the renowned Munk Debates, Rudyard Griffiths.

This popular show provides a focused, half-hour masterclass on current events with Rudyard being joined by geopolitical expert Janice Gross Stein. Each week, Janice unpacks the biggest headlines in the news and dives deep into the people, events, and trends shaping our lives.

Recent episodes have focused on unpacking Russia’s war on Ukraine, explaining what led up to it, it’s impact now and into the future of global affairs, as well as how we can expect this conflict to unfold.

The latest episode saw Janice explore the recent peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in Istanbul. While they had a promising start, we’ve seen an escalation of conflict with renewed fighting across Ukraine. Rudyard and Janice also brought the conversation home, discussing Canada’s federal budget and the likelihood we’ll see an increase in defense and diplomacy spending.

With new episodes every Friday, listen and learn more about the podcast here.

Rudyard Griffiths never shies away from discussing the big issue of the day. He is a highly sought-after commentator on global economics, geopolitics, and corporate decision-making, as well as an expert moderator and interviewer.  

Whether it’s economics, geopolitics, or international security and terrorism, few people have a better understanding of global issues than Professor Janice Gross Stein. She leaves her audiences with a better understanding of current global issues, and a clear, compelling vision of the future.