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Holiday Planning Made Easy Part Two: Fun with Food

Holiday Planning Made Easy Part Two: Fun with Food

At the heart of any good party is good food! Bring it to the next level by inviting a celebrity chef to your next event. They’ll lead your audience step-by-step through an original recipe, while sharing tips of the trade and tales from the culinary world.

Meet our chefs:

Cooking with Matt Basile

Chef Matt Basile

The always enthusiastic Matt Basile, bestselling author of Brunch Life and founder of Fidel Gastro’s, loves nothing more than to share his passion for food with others. His engaging cooking demonstrations are a fun, unique way to add some additional flavour to your event.

Providing a recipe outline ahead of time, Matt can lead participants through the prep and cooking process, while taking questions and sharing stories from his adventures as an acclaimed chef. The experience is like having him cook right across the table, inspiring audiences to try new things, and reminding them why good food is always important.

A Culinary Adventure with Anna Olson

Anna Olson

Invite Canada’s baking sweetheart to your holiday party! With her positive and common-sense approach in the kitchen, Anna Olson has become one of the country’s most recognizable television chefs, having hosted Food Network’s Bake with Anna Olson, Fresh with Anna Olson, and Sugar, and authored several bestselling cookbooks, including her most recent Baking Day with Anna Olson and Set for the Holidays.

Whether virtually or in-person, Anna knows how to connect and engage, inviting attendees to watch, cook along, and ask questions to share in her love of food, baking, and eating local.

Living the “Dolce Vita” with David Rocco

David Rocco

Add a taste of dolce vita to your company’s next event with celebrity chef David Rocco. Host of the hit TV shows David Rocco’s Dolce Vita, Dolce India, Dolce Africa, and Dolce Southeast Asia, David is available to host your event, consult on a special menu, host a cooking demonstration and/or competition, and more!

David can share step-by-step instructions on how to create some of his favourite recipes, while answering audience questions. He also shares stories from his life as a global traveler in the world of food, and how his travels have shaped his belief that food and cooking is something that unites us all.

Interested in learning more about our celebrity chefs or to discuss how we can help with your holiday event planning? Email us at [email protected].