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Spotlight On: New Speakers, Productivity Tips, Being Awesome with Neil Pasricha, and More!

Spotlight On: New Speakers, Productivity Tips, Being Awesome with Neil Pasricha, and More!

Who's New?

Award-winning journalist Daniel Dale works at CNN where he’s responsible for fact-checking every word President Donald Trump says — earning an international following for his relentless efforts. Dale has spent nearly a decade reporting on populist politicians with an aversion to the truth, and speaks to why facts still matter in this age of disinformation.

In 2013, internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Kellylee Evans experienced a life-altering event — she was struck by lightening. Just two years later, a devasting concussion left her unable to tour. Combining storytelling with original songs, Evans’ story of recovery resonates with anyone who has ever had their life interrupted or been faced with challenges.

As the former US ambassador to Canada under President Barack Obama, Bruce Heyman emphasized the importance of the Canada-US relationship and pushed for greater collaboration. He co-authored his first book, The Art of Diplomacy, to continue championing cross-border relationships and explore why diplomacy matters now more than ever before.

Jennifer Barroll has consulted with some of the biggest global brands — Nascar, Red Bull, and McDonalds —and is renowned for her ability to help both individuals and companies reach their full potential. A trained actor and stand-up comedian, she delivers lively and practical leadership and communication training.

Fast Track Your End-Of-Year To-Do Lists

As the year winds down and the colder weather sets in, we may be dreaming of the holidays while dreading the “can’t ignore”, end-of-year to-do lists. Set yourself up for success with these tips from two of our productivity and performance experts — guaranteed to help you perform at your best!

Productivity expert Chris Bailey shares three of his favourite scientifically backed ways to fight against the end-of-year slump and focus even when we really don’t feel like it. His first tip — start setting deadlines any way possible for your important but unstructured projects.

Sleep and nutrition — the key to stress management. Health and performance expert Dr. Greg Wells shares six tips to decrease the effects of stress on our bodies to both improve our health and bring our performance up to its optimal level.

Building Resiliency, Driving Innovation, and Combatting Jackassery

Renowned happiness expert and New York Times bestselling author Neil Pasricha wants to redefine failure and build a more resilient world in his seventh book, You Are Awesome. He shares research-based tools to help readers shift from change-resistant to change-ready, failure-prone to failure-proof, thin-skinned to thick-skinned, and anxious to… awesome.

Strategy and innovation expert Kaihan Krippendorff disproves one of today’s biggest business myths in his latest book, Driving Innovation from Within. He argues that it’s actually large, established businesses that are the true innovators, and provides strategies to cultivate a culture of internal entrepreneurship — the secret behind innovation.

If you work in an open-concept office, go on the internet, or just drive anywhere ever, Scott Stratten knows you’ve come across a jackass — and possibly been that jackass yourself. He co-wrote, The Jackass Whisperer, the guide to surviving jackassery and making the world a better place, one set of noise-cancelling headphones at a time.

Inside Our Boardroom: Talking Improv, Travel and Resiliency

New to our roster, Second City alum Sandy Jobin-Bevans shared insight into how improv exercises can boost communication skills, and how he brings energy and humour to the stage as an in-demand host.

Robin Esrock has lived his life off the beaten path, and ushered in a new era of travel journalism. He shared the profound impact travel has had on his life.

Born without arms and legs, Chris Koch has never let limitations or obstacles stand in his way. He spoke to us on how finding humour in life, even in the face of challenges, helps build resiliency.