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Sandy Jobin-Bevans: Improv Isn’t About Being Funny, It’s About Being Better Communicators

Sandy Jobin-Bevans: Improv Isn’t About Being Funny, It’s About Being Better Communicators

Most people are intimidated by improvisation, said Second City alum Sandy Jobin-Bevans, but what they don’t realize is that they actually improvise everyday — we don’t wake up with a script of every conversation we’ll have throughout the day.

New to our roster in 2019, we welcomed Sandy into our office to meet the team and share insight into what he brings to audiences as a professional improviser. He’s an in-demand host and emcee as well as communications workshop facilitator.

First things first, he said, I’m not going to make you do improv — input collective sigh of relief here. But, he continued, you are all already improvisers because that’s how people communicate; we play off of each other.

In his workshops, he uses improv exercises to help enhance our communication and collaboration skills. For example, a popular improv game is “yes, and…”, where no matter the situation you say “yes” and then you build on the idea proposed. It’s not about saying yes to everything, Sandy said, it’s about opening yourself up to new ideas and the opportunity to build on them. It gets us out of the habit of automatically saying no.

Learn more about the power of improv in the video below:

Sandy also gave a great overview of his career in comedy, facilitation, and hosting. He works with Major League Baseball as well as the National Hockey League to run their Rookie Career Development Program. The two leagues bring together their rookies for a week-long seminar to teach them life skills and what they can expect when entering the big leagues.

Sandy has also hosted, written, and acted in several TV shows:

Interested in learning more about Sandy and what he can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].