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Margaret Trudeau Stars in One-Woman Show in Chicago

Margaret Trudeau Stars in One-Woman Show in Chicago

Canadian icon and celebrated mental health advocate Margaret Trudeau is set to star in a one-woman-show on the Second City stage in Chicago. In an interview with Chicago Tribune, she said: “My life for so many years was a reality show. Now I will be able to put that on the stage.”

In “Certain Woman of an Age”, Margaret will share her compelling story as one of the world’s most fascinating figures, chronicling her courageous public and private journeys. It premieres on Thursday, May 9 and continues throughout Mother’s Day weekend in the UP Comedy Club at Second City.

The show will be a combination of entertainment and education as Margaret regales the audience with tales from her jet-setting personal life, as well as her long-time struggles with her mental health.

She told Chicago Tribune: “I have had quite the grand, interesting life. I have some great stories. But I am also very human and I suffered an awful lot. So I always like to get people laughing.”

Margaret chose the Chicago venue because of her long-time friendship with Diane Alexander, a fellow Canadian and wife to Second City’s owner. After this weekend, she isn’t sure where the show will end up but is definitely interested in a variety of options, from touring Canada to streaming it on HBO. Either way, we’re definitely interested!

Listen to Margaret’s recent interview with NPR where she discusses her show, the purpose behind it, and what it was like being the centre of attention during the best and worst of times.

From the interview: “For me, it was crippling. I would lose my footing, my self-identity.”

Margaret Trudeau is celebrated both for her role in the public eye and as a respected mental health advocate. From becoming a prime minister’s wife at a young age, to the loss of both her son and her former husband, to living with bi-polar disorder, Margaret tirelessly shares her personal stories to remind others of the importance of nurturing the body, mind, and spirit.

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