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Three Questions with Health and Performance Expert Dr. Greg Wells

Three Questions with Health and Performance Expert Dr. Greg Wells

Dr. Greg Wells unlocks the secrets of elite athletes to help us all learn how we too can perform at our highest level possible and excel at our chosen craft, whatever that may be.

A scientist and physiologist, he has worked with some of the highest performing athletes across the globe — including Olympians and world champions — and is a veteran endurance athlete himself.

We stepped into his world to ask him three quick questions on what habits we should adapt to improve our performance, and to learn a bit more about Dr. Wells himself.

1. What qualities do athletes possess that help them go from amateur to elite?

I think there are two key factors that distinguish elite performers from high performers in all disciplines.

The first is consistency of practice. It is important for us to think of practice as working on our craft, whatever that might be — music, acting, art, physical training, or our businesses.

The second factor is that elite performers can increase their focus and eliminate distractions when it matters most. Once again that is a skill that all of us can work on and improve!

2. What is one habit people can adopt today to see improved performance in their day-to-day life?

The strategy that most people are struggling with right now is giving themselves permission to sleep. When we sleep, our bodies repair and regenerate. The brain cleans itself out. We consolidate our memories and we learn while we sleep. And we increase our creativity and problem solving. Sleep is the foundation of a high-performance life.

3. Having participated in the Nanisivik Marathon 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle; Ironman Canada; and the 11,000 km cycling race, Tour D’Afrique, what’s your next adventure?

I’m always looking for the next big adventure. I don’t have any expeditions planned but I did start training for Ironman Tremblant this summer and I’m embarking on taking my consulting business to another level, so that I think will be enough to keep me busy for the next 12 months… at least!

In his informative and engaging keynotes, Dr. Greg Wells draws parallels between elite athletes and top executives to help business leaders perform at the highest level, even when under the most extreme circumstances.

A popular speaker, he has travelled the world speaking at events such as TEDx and The Titan Summit, and has shared the stage with Robin Sharma, Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, and Deepak Chopra.

Dr. Wells is also the author of three bestselling books: Superbodies, The Ripple Effect, and The Focus Effect.

What can Dr. Wells bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected]. to learn more.

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