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How to Create LinkedIn Content That Gets You Noticed

How to Create LinkedIn Content That Gets You Noticed

A disruptor, curator, and a builder, Manu “Swish” Goswami at just 21 years old is already a serial tech entrepreneur, a LinkedIn Youth Editor, a Fortune 500 consultant for Google and American Express, a venture capitalist, a UN Youth Ambassador, and a TEDx speaker. He is an expert on the entrepreneurial hustle, personal branding, and the trends leading technology and business decisions today and helps both individuals and organization get noticed and engaged in our fast-moving economy.

As a LinkedIn Youth Editor, Swish is well-versed on the social platform and knows exactly what type of content gets you noticed. He shared his top five tips to create compelling content that will actually engage your audience.

  1. Post informative content that engages your audience in a conversation. Don’t just post a link and say “read this”, make sure you include some original commentary or a question about the content to engage your audience. For example, share an article with a brief excerpt from it or key takeaways, or share a list of advice (i.e. 5 ways to achieve work-life balance) and then ask your audience what tip they would add to the list.
  2. Add some inspirational content to your feed. Include some “feel good” stories and videos in your content stream. Repurpose viral content (giving credit to the original source) or interview people you know and share their story in a short form post with a photo of them. If you don’t have someone to interview, then share an inspirational quote that speaks to you.
  3. Get personal. Share your personal journey — the ups and the downs. Write it as if it’s a story but formatted so it’s easy to read in a LinkedIn post. Try to focus on providing lessons near the end of the story so people aren’t just listening to your victories or failures but are actually taking something away from it. And, encourage them to comment their takeaway or share if they’ve gone through something similar.
  4. Start a campaign. Set-up a campaign around a social issue you are passionate about and ask 3-4 people to contribute to it as well to get the ball rolling. Manu created the #letsgethonest campaign with three other people to talk about workplace issues and being vulnerable to them. In his first post, he nominated 2-3 other people (ideally friends) and asked them to post as well and to tag their people within their network to contribute. Overall, Manu’s campaign had 26 million impressions and more than 80 people contributed to it.
  5. Capitalize on LinkedIn Updates. When a new feature pops up on LinkedIn, test it out and then share a review on it with your audience asking for their opinion on the update. Shared content about LinkedIn tends to get the attention of the LinkedIn team and can actually inflate the reach of your post.

Interested in learning more about Swish and what he can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].

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