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Companies Need a Reason for Being Beyond Profits

Companies Need a Reason for Being Beyond Profits

Dr. John Izzo helps companies maximize their potential from the ground up. For over 20 years he’s worked with thousands of leaders around the world on employee-engagement strategies and brand transformations—enacting meaningful change in employee engagement, and  shifting employee and consumer values and corporate social responsibility through hard hitting practical content and inspirational storytelling.

In his latest book, The Purpose Revolution, he outlines how public expectations of companies have morphed. Today’s consumers aren’t content with firms that simply exist to make money. They need to stand for something, too.

“For organizations, purpose is a reason for being that’s bigger than profits—it’s a reason for being that’s somehow about making things better for all the stakeholders who deal with that company. The desire for purpose is not new, but this revolution of expectations is new,” says Izzo in a recent CBC interview.

Izzo also discusses the different ways people see their place in companies. He explains that those who see their job as a calling simply do a much better job of it, so companies gain from having these kinds of employees. Izzo goes further, outlining how companies can build this kind of environment through real change, but also by helping employees identify their own personal purpose.

His full audio interview can be heard below.