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An Extraordinary Adventure across Namibia

An Extraordinary Adventure across Namibia

Inspirational Adventurer Ray Zahab wants people to know they are extraordinary. A former sedentary “pack a day smoker”, Ray turned his life around in 1999 when he decided to get in shape and enter the world of ultra-marathons. Since then, he’s gone on to inspire millions of people around the world by completing jaw-dropping journeys, including running 7500km across the Sahara, and  the Atacama, Gobi, and Patagonian deserts. His personal stories demonstrate how individuals and organizations can undergo incredible change to break through limits and achieve incredible success.

Ray’s most recent adventure, The Trans Namibia Expedition had him running 60 km a day and documenting the amazing sights and stories along the way. The adventure that Ray said never got easier, but always got more rewarding, wrapped up February 15.

It’s another extraordinary feat, but as Ray says “all of us are capable of the extraordinary if we’re willing to go after something.”

From Ray:

Here it is! Our final expedition video! I think it’s my favorite, I hope you enjoy it too! We set a daily goal of running 60km, regardless of terrain and heat. But some days were so tough we just push ourselves to get as far as we could. Those humbling days reminded us to be patient, and to constantly respect the desert.  Just as Jon Golden worked endlessly to capture hundreds of stunning photos, our amazing expedition videographer and storyteller Ryan Michael Richardson has spent this past month doing a stellar job filming and gathering content to share the Trans Namibia Expedition through each of the videos we have been uploading and posting! Both Jon and Ryan did not have an easy task capturing the expedition. . . many times Stefano and I were inaccessible, from a few hours to an entire day. . . couple that with the fact that both these guys worked tirelessly on their craft, but also helped out with logistics like setting camp and uploading all content through satellite. We have many more untold stories to share from the expedition!

Watch the video above to see the wrap-up footage.