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Will Trump Kill NAFTA?

Will Trump Kill NAFTA?

Rona Ambrose is a dynamic national leader, a champion for the rights of women and girls, the former Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition in the House of Commons, and the former leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. She’s also a top advisor to the government on NAFTA negotiations with our North American neighbours.

The latest—and oddly predictable reality from an unpredictable reality-TV president—is that NAFTA is probably going to die by Trump’s hand.

“The consensus felt like it’s not if, it’s when he’s going to pull the plug,” said Ambrose during a recent CTV segment. Trade talks resumed yesterday in Montreal and this sombre tone out of the gates shows just the kind of uphill battle these negotiations are going to be.

The next couple of weeks are gearing up to be a make or break time for NAFTA:  “I really believe Canada is doing everything that we can do, I think we just need to ramp up all those measures even more in the next week or so,” said Ambrose of the forthcoming fortnight.

Not taking a rosy hopeful tone isn’t necessarily a bad thing—the government is planning for a collapse in the agreement, and creating contingencies knowing that, as Ambrose puts it, “[The US is] positioning themselves so they’ll be able to pull out. . .  that’s where I think this is going.”

Watch the full video and read a rundown of the discussion on CTV.