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Find Your Why: Today’s Hunt for Purpose

Find Your Why: Today’s Hunt for Purpose

It all started with Simon Sinek’s Start With Why—a book that explained why some people and organizations are more innovative, more profitable, command greater loyalties from customers and employees alike and, most importantly, are able to repeat their success over and over. Next came Find Your Why—a book co-authored by David Mead and Peter Docker designed to help those inspired by the message find their “why” and bring it to life in both their careers and organizations.

Forbes had a great article on finding purpose with a large segment dedicated to Find Your Why. Here are some highlights:

Finding your why

It’s something I’m sure Simon Sinek would appreciate.  The author, who came to fame with his first book Start With Why, has recently returned with a practical guide to help people find their purpose, called Find Your Why.

The book outlines several steps to go through to help you find more purpose in your life and career.

1. Find your partner – A partner is crucial because the first stage is to trawl through your life to understand you better.  Having an extra pair of eyes is crucial to give you the right perspective.

2. Pick a time and a place – Pick a relatively intimate place so you can talk freely.  Noise and distractions aren’t what you need.

3. Gather your stories – Before you have your meeting, gather together the past experiences you feel are important.  You want stories that showcase you at your natural best.

4. Share your stories – At this stage, you want to be as specific as possible as this is the stage where you want to delve into the details of each story.

5. Identify your themes – The next stage will allow you to spot any themes that have emerged throughout the story telling process.  At this stage, your partner will play a crucial role.

6. Draft your why – Once your overarching themes have been identified, you can begin to craft your Why statement.

It’s an interesting concept and it’s designed to be as easy to follow as possible.

Read the full story here.