February 8, 2017 by Speakers' Spotlight

Inside Our Boardroom: Dr. Natasha Turner, Leading Naturopathic Doctor and Bestselling Author

A familiar face on international talk shows, radio, and bookshelves, Dr. Natasha Turner is on a mission to make our lives brighter, healthier, and full of energy. She visited our Toronto office to share some of the core lessons explained in her new book, The Hormone Boost. While her work is based in leading scientific research, it’s her vibrant personality that really lights up the room—she takes the most serious of topics and makes them fun to hear about. During Dr. Turner’s recent visit to our office, she gave us a sample of how to improve our health through paying closer attention to how we sleep, what we eat, and whether we understand the roles of six hormones she says we need to acquaint ourselves with to live better lives and to be able to bring our best selves to the workplace each day. Above, Dr. Turner shares a few ways we can deal with stress in our daily lives.