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Rasmus Ankersen Publishes Hunger in Paradise: How to Save Success from Failure

Rasmus Ankersen Publishes <I>Hunger in Paradise: How to Save Success from Failure</I>

Rasmus Ankersen has trained with the planet’s best athletes to translate their secrets of high performance into usable strategies for leaders and businesses. Known for his bestselling book The Goldmine Effect: Crack the Secrets of High Performance, he is also the author of the new book, Hunger in Paradise: How to Save Success from Failure, where he explains how to maintain–and surpass–the momentum needed to bring success. Using real-life examples and result-driven insights, Rasmus explains how to find talent you never thought existed; how to strengthen high performance patterns in teams and individuals; how to develop winning cultures; and how to create a sense urgency to bring about world-class results.

In Hunger in Paradise, Rasmus delivers my suggestions for how to deal with some of the toughest management questions you can imagine: how do you keep complacency out of the building when everything appears rosy? How do you act with urgency when there seems to be no obvious burning platform in sight? In other words: how do you create hunger in paradise?

Rasmus speaks on the new book, and you can find the book online at and .com.