Nicole Stott Art in Space

September 25, 2016 by Speakers' Spotlight

Nicole Stott Art Exhibition: Around the World in 90 Minutes

In awe of the overwhelming beauty of Earth that Nicole Stott experienced while living on the International Space Station, she decided she would dedicate the rest of her life to sharing her spaceflight experience with others. A NASA veteran with 27 years of service, including two spaceflights and 104 days living and working in space on both the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station, she is also a NASA Aquanaut and the holder of the women’s world record for saturation diving. Always an Artist, Nicole was the first astronaut to paint in space.  As a speaker, Nicole combines her spaceflight experience and artwork to inspire audiences to look up and be impressed by the outstanding work being done in space to improve life here on Earth; sharing the impression of our planet from the orbital vantage point; and stressing the importance of education, our global community and environment, and the surprising interplay between science and art.

Nicole is an accomplished artist and as the first astronaut to paint in space her paintings are inspired by the view she had through the space station windows.  She has appropriately themed her artwork as “eARTh from space”.  She recently held her world debut exhibit at The Sayle Gallery on the Isle of Man.  Watch an interview about her exhibit here.