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From Heels To Hiking Boots: Fashion Icon Jeanne Beker Travels The North

From Heels To Hiking Boots: Fashion Icon Jeanne Beker Travels The North

Fashionista Jeanne Beker is hanging up her Louboutins and trekking into the Canadian wilderness.

Beker, the well-known host of FashionTelevision for 27 years, headed north this week to embark on a journey to Somerset Island, near Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

“We’re going to go looking for polar bears and belugas, and kayaking,” Beker said in an interview during a stopover in Yellowknife.

Beker is travelling with one of her two daughters, who’s an artist and illustrator. While her daughter works on her art, Beker will get back to writing.

“I’m going to be keeping a journal and I’m going to be writing about my experiences for Canadian Living magazine,” she said.

Beker is no stranger to the North, but it’s her first time in the Eastern Arctic. Through an expedition company, the pair is staying at a wilderness lodge.

“I think it’s going to be a great mother-daughter bonding trip, but also just a wonderful time to look at the world through this particular lens.”

Beker said there’s not much room in her suitcase, but her ears are “wide open” if there are any local designs she should see.

“I know there’s some great stuff out there,” she said.

“If there are any wonderful, local crafts and certainly any local fashions, let me know about them! I’d love to check them out and certainly love to sport them.”

And does she have any advice for local designers?

“Oh boy. I could come and lecture for days and days and days about it,” Beker laughed.

“There’s a lot of the same out there. We’re kind of drowning in a sea of sameness. It’s those people that are brave enough and march to their own beat and really are true to their own inner voices that will succeed.

“Not only here in the North, but in Canada in general, we have to scream twice as loud to make our voices heard, unfortunately.”

Beker is posting all about the trip on Twitter and Instagram.

“I really look forward to my big adventure,” she said.

 Katherine Barton/CBC.CA/July, 2016