Preet and Ron

March 23, 2016 by Speakers' Spotlight

Preet Banerjee and Ron Tite On The Expression Economy

Do you use a PVR and skip ads? Use an ad-blocker on your browser? How has that changed the way companies market to you? We couldn’t be more excited that Behavioural Finance Expert Preet Banerjee, who is also the host of one of the highest-rated podcasts on iTunes Canada, Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian, sat down with Branding and Creativity Expert Ron Tite for an absolutely fascinating (and fun!) conversation about what Ron calls “The Expression Economy” and how brands are in competition for your time. With the advertising and marketing game having changed (and continuing to change) in ways almost no one could have ever imagined, their chat is an insightful and indispensable listen. Check it out here.