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Tête-à-Tête with Clara Hughes and Dennis Moseley-Williams

Tête-à-Tête with Clara Hughes and Dennis Moseley-Williams

Tête-à-Tête, CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau’s incredibly successful  tradeshow and conference for associations  and not-for-profit meeting professionals, exceeded  expectations again last week and  Speakers’ Spotlight was there with bells on–as a sponsor, exhibitor, and proud participant!

Six-Time Olympic Medalist and Mental Health Advocate Clara Hughes was the breakfast keynote, sponsored by Ottawa Tourism. Within seconds of taking the stage, Clara’s energy and passion  rose to a crescendo and remained there throughout her presentation, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats until they rose in unison at the end for a heartfelt standing ovation!

Dennis Moseley-Williams was perfectly placed as the midday luncheon speaker. Funny, quick, with playful asides and great stories to support his  assertion that success lies in the heart of  “The Experience Economy”.  Everyone agreed, Dennis was amazing!

Feedback on Clara Hughes and Dennis Moseley-Williams

“I have only heard very positive comments on how they were exactly the right speakers for this event.”-Kathryn Cyr, CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau

Here are some audience comments from the conference:

On Clara:

Clara Hughes

  • Awesome presentation – very moving. outstanding speaker
  • Fantastic!!!!
  • Great speaker.
  • Clara was such an engaging and animated speaker. She is very brave to share her personal struggle with the world. She will surely continue to inspire many to seek the help they need. I am considering her for my next event.
  • Great, passionate presentation!
  • She is an excellent speaker; very engaging
  • Great speaker! Loved every minute.
  • Excellent, motivational, inspirational and a great information given to apply to our everyday lives and work.
  • she was absolutely fantastic and inspiring, deserving of another gold medal
  • What an amazing keynote speaker – thank you so much! Clara was the best keynote speaker I have ever heard.
  • Absolutely fantastic! We forget about what being human means!
  • The best one ever.
  • Clara was outstanding!!
  • Great choice!
  • Clara Hughes was one of the best speakers by far. I attended many forums. She was so present and real. She made us feel and understand.

On Dennis:


  • Excellent speaker. Thank you
  • Will be booking him for a meeting!
  • Enjoyed the presentation and found him to be entertaining, I guess if selling an experience was the topic then he was great.
  • Fantastic Speaker
  • He gave SOLID advice for ALL business. Whether you were a business owner, supplier or employee, you could apply his methods to your work.
  • He was very engaging and knowledgeable
  • Not 100% sure what the take-away was, but he’s a terrific speaker and has a bang-on wicked sense of humour; most enjoyable!
  • Speaker presentation was interesting and well presented
  • Exceptional speaker content wise as well as entertainment wise

Lastly, are some Tweets about both Clara and Dennis at Tête-à-Tête: