Bruce Kirkby - Photo Credit Chris Bolin

November 12, 2015 by Speakers' Spotlight

Big Crazy Family Adventure’s Bruce Kirkby Wows At CSAE’s National Conference

Award-winning explorer, writer, photographer, and star of Travel Channel’s television series Big Crazy Family Adventure,  Bruce Kirkby closed the 2015 CSAE National Conference with his new, fascinating talk on mindfulness, “Cleaning Your Cluttered Brain: A Field Guide to Productivity and Performance in a Hectic World”.

Inspired by his epic overland journey to China, Tibet, Nepal, and the Indian Himalaya (while accompanied by his wife and their two young boys) Bruce and his family lived for months among Buddhist monks in a remote monastery away from all of the conveniences and distractions of the modern world. Upon his return home, Bruce longed for the peace and clarity he had felt overseas, and set about understanding how to rekindle it. His visually stunning and uniquely insightful talk takes audiences inside the inner workings of our minds to provide the tools we need to be more focused, fulfilled, productive, and most of all, more present in all that we do every day.  Catch live clips and attendee reactions, above!