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March is Fraud Prevention Month

March is Fraud Prevention Month

Did you know that March is “Fraud Prevention Month”? Before it winds to a close, we wanted to highlight three extraordinary speakers who help people identify dishonesty in both individuals and organizations, and explain what can be done to protect yourself, and others:

Lynn Brewer
Former Enron Executive

Dubbed the “Enron Whistleblower,” Lynn Brewer rose to international attention when she alerted the US government to the misconduct at Enron, bringing the company down seemingly overnight. The founder of The Integrity Institute, which  assesses and certifies corporate integrity, Brewer helps organizations understand the importance of honesty in conducting business, while also sharing Enron’s story from her former insider’s position.


Chris Mathers
Crime, Terrorism and Security Expert

Chris Mathers spent most of his life working undercover for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, US Drug Enforcement Administration, and the US Customs Service.  Posing as a gangster, a drug trafficker, and even as a money launderer, Mathers has seen and done it all. In his extraordinary talks, Mathers takes audiences into the underworld that only he can describe, letting people in on the stunning stories and secrets harboured by terrorists and those involved in organized crime.

Pamela Meyer
Pamela Meyer
Certified Fraud Examiner | Bestselling Author of LieSpotting

Pamela Meyer’s mission is to help people get to the truth. Extensively trained in the use of visual cues and psychology to detect deception, Myer teaches audiences how to go from lie-spotting to truth-seeking to trust-building. Her riveting TED Talk, How to Spot a Liar, has been viewed over nine million times, making it one of the 20 most popular TED talks of all time, while her book, Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception, was a huge bestseller. Combining her unique understanding of deception with her honed business acumen, Myer provides audiences with lessons and takeaways that can be immediately put to use.