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Two Essential Ingredients for a Powerful Vision

Michael Bungay Stanier knows that for organizations to continue to thrive and succeed, the people and teams in those organizations need to do more Great Work: the work that has impact, the work that has meaning, the work that makes a difference. In this article, Michael helps ignite vision with passion, and shares a short webinar to help you get started:

You too have probably lost some small part of your soul when you realize that the vision for the organization you work for is a mealy mouthed, committee-lowest-common-denominator’­d, weasel worded piece of corporate jargon that plays no useful role other than to tick the “we’ve got a corporate vision” box.

And it’s true that it’s not easy to create a vision – for yourself, for your team, even for your organization – that’s powerful and useful, rather than just a candidate for Death by Lamination.
In this short, punchy webinar, I share the Double S test for building a strong vision. There’s no quick fix easy formula, but there’s is a way to ensure that what you’ve got connects to both head and heart.