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Spotlight On: Arts and Culture Mavericks with a Message

Spotlight On: Arts and Culture Mavericks with a Message

The arts give us the chance to explore new ideas, appreciate the experiences of others, and to become more creative. Sharing their acclaimed stories, poetry, and wide array of other creative talents, speakers such as acclaimed novelist Joseph Boyden and celebrated spoken-word poet Sarah Kay open up worlds that are beyond imagination.

Joseph Boyden

Joseph Boyden is a literary superstar. Shooting to fame with his first novel, the multi-award winning Three Day Road, Boyden has repeated his triumphs in his subsequent novels, Through Black Spruce and The Orenda. Exploring and delving into the experiences of Aboriginal peoples, while examining themes of history, race, alienation, culture, and diversity, his engrossing talks deepen our understanding of today’s—and yesterday’s—complex world. Watch an interview.

Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay uses the power of spoken word to inspire creativity and self-empowerment in others. Nearly 7 million people have watched her TED Talk, and now, through her project V.O.I.C.E., students everywhere learn about self-expression. She is a bestselling author of poetry and has performed around the world including at the Tribeca Film Festival, and the United Nations.  Watch her in action.

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