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Dr. Shimi Kang Discusses The Dolphin Way

Dr. Shimi Kang Discusses <I>The Dolphin Way</I>

Award-Winning Harvard-trained physician Dr. Shimi Kang is an expert on human motivation, offering people the keys they need to succeed. With over fifteen years of clinical experience and extensive training in the science that lies behind motivation and mental wellness, Dr. Kang shows people how to cultivate the skills needed to flourish both professionally and personally. Dr. Kang appeared on The Morning Show  to discuss about her new book, The Dolphin Way: A Parent’s Guide To Raising Healthy, Happy, and Motivated Kids Without Turning Into a Tiger. Believing that the “Tiger” approach to parenting diminishes lifelong learning, internal drive, and long-term happiness in children, Dr. Kang instead advocates her “Dolphin Parenting” model, which encourages collaboration, social skills, creativity, and internal motivation in the way in which we raise our children: