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This Week! Michael Bungay Stanier’s Great Work MBA

Michael Bungay Stanier wants companies to stop doing good work, and start doing great work. Named “Canadian Coach of the Year” in 2006, Stanier’s speeches and training workshops infuse audiences with enthusiasm and excitement for what’s possible, while helping them get “unstuck” and get going on the work that matters. In order to further help people make the most of their careers (and lives), Stanier has created what he’s calling his “Great Work MBA.” During this week, you can register free on his website to watch a series of interviews with extraordinary thinkers–many of whom are represented by Speakers’ Spotlight–share their very best insights and tools to help you increase your focus, your smarts, and your impact both at work and outside of work.

For instance, today at 3:00pm Eastern Time, you can log on to watch Stanier’s interview with Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of charity: water, one of the most successful non-profits in the world. By looking at his organization as a business, uniquely marketing and promoting his cause, and harnessing the power of online and social media, Harrison up-ended the traditional mode of fundraising—establishing himself as a leader in the philanthropic sector. In his talks, he motivates audiences to think outside the box to create bold changes in the way they approach their work and how to bring key influencers onto your side.

Other speakers Stanier will showcase during the rest of the week include Roger Martin, the former Dean at the Rotman School of Management, who was also recently listed on the Thinkers50 rankings, and Social Media, Digital Marketing and Personal Branding Expert, Mitch Joel.