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Human Rights and Diversity Speakers

Human Rights and Diversity Speakers

Millions of Canadians across the country reacted with pride when, in 1998, retired Olympic swimmer Mark Tewksbury “came out” during a nationally televised interview. As The National Post reported yesterday, Tewksbury thought that many athletes would follow in his footsteps, but, as he noted to the paper, “It took a decade longer than anticipated.” Reacting to the news that NBA player Jason Collins had just gone public, Tewksbury said, “I got a little sappy, I got a little teary, I kind of thought, ‘wow, this is really happening.’”

Today, as the co-founder of Great Traits, Tewksbury works closely with top Olympic coach Debbie Muir to show people how  to be victors in their own right. Using stories, activities, heart, and humour, Tewksbury and Muir connect individuals, teams, and organizations to the fundamental principles that drive achievement, leadership, and lasting legacies. Arguably, there are few people better suited to inspire confidence and a drive to reach your greatest potential than Tewksbury.

Speakers’ Spotlight is proud to represent Tewksbury and other speakers who represent authenticity and diversity and who stand for human rights:

Trey Anthony
Award-Winning Canadian Playwright

Trey Anthony was the first Canadian black woman to have her own program on a prime-time Canadian network. Based on her ground-breaking play of the same name, ‘da Kink in My Hair was a television hit and put her on the map as a mentor and role model. Trey’s infectious energy, humour, and determination inspires audiences to go after―and achieve―their dreams. Read More…

Ben Barry
Ground-breaking Entrepreneur | Bestselling Author of Refashioning Models

Hailed as a “Hero to real women everywhere” by The Boston Globe, Ben Barry is dedicated to changing the way people think about women, beauty, and body image in business and marketing. Having founded the Ben Barry Agency―the first agency in the world that represents models of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities―at just 14 years old, his life-long passion for challenging the status quo and innovative entrepreneurship is palpable to every audience he speaks to. Read More…

Lawrence Hill
Bestselling Author, The Book of Negroes

Commonwealth Writers’ Prize winner and bestselling author of The Book of Negroes, Lawrence Hill speaks as well as he writes. With engrossing, poignant talks on diverse topics such as channeling creative energy, censorship, racial identity and the craft of writing, Hill earns praise from every group he addresses. Read More…

Sabrina Jalees
Rising Comedic Star

Sabrina Jalees’s comedy has taken the world by storm. Opening for the likes of Russell Peters and a headliner comic in her own right, Sabrina never fails to draw laughter with her shoot-from-the-hip style. As a keynote speaker, Sabrina tells her personal story with sincerity and wit, relaying the message that when you own and embrace your individuality, you unlock the transformation from “embarrassed” to “empowered.” Read More…

Trevor Wilson
Human Equity Strategist

Equality is not about ignoring differences and treating people the same. Instead, it is about acknowledging differences and turning them into a competitive advantage. Trevor Wilson, well-known author, global diversity and human equity strategist, offers the closest thing we have to a “silver bullet,” in his wide-ranging talks on on issues of multiculturalism, race relations, employment equity, affirmative action, and human rights. Designed to help leaders leverage differences in the workplace, Wilson’s talks show audiences how to improve retention, communication, happiness in the workplace―and ultimately, your bottom line. Read More…