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The Speakers’ Spotlight 17th Annual Showcase, Toronto, 2013

The Speakers’ Spotlight 17th Annual Showcase, Toronto, 2013

In March, Speakers’ Spotlight presented our 17th Annual Toronto Showcase to over 400 leading meeting and event organizers. The event, which featured six speakers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, brought the audience to laughter and tears, and gave them useful information to apply in the workplace and in their personal lives.


Starting off the morning was six-time Olympic medalist in the summer and winter Olympic Games, Clara Hughes, who spoke about her journey toward the podium and the importance of de-stigmatizing mental illness in today’s society.


As the front man of the internationally acclaimed rock band Moist, and as a solo artist, David Usher has sold more than 1.4 million albums, won countless awards, and performed at sold-out venues around the world. David took to the stage to demonstrate―using stunning visuals and musical accompaniment―that creativity and creative success is a learnable skill that anyone can master.


Scott Christopher, the co-author of the widely acclaimed book, The Levity Effect, had the audience howling with laughter as he showed how the benefits of “lightening up” can translate into both personal and professional success.


Toronto’s Chief City Planner, Jennifer Keesmaat, addressed the benefits that walking to school can have on both children and communities at large, and why we have to ensure that our cities support this.


“Unmarketing” expert Scott Stratten delivered hilarious―yet imminently usable―digital marketing advice.


Closing off the morning was a poignant and personal talk by kidnap survivor and humanitarian Amanda Lindhout on the importance of forgiveness and compassion.


Comedian and television personality Daryn Jones was host of the Showcase. He kept the show moving smoothly while adding his own unique dose of humour.

Daryn Jones


Giving Back

Giving back to the community and helping children and their families around the world has always been a big part of what we do at Speakers’ Spotlight. This year, once again, proceeds from our Showcase were raised for the Speakers’ Spotlight Scholarship Foundation, created in Partnership with Pathways to Education.