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Easy Valentine’s Dessert From Celebrity Chef David Rocco

Easy Valentine’s Dessert From Celebrity Chef David Rocco

Celebrity Chef David Rocco shares a quick and easy dessert to make for your sweetie tonight (in case you forgot to plan ahead!):

Okay, it’s Valentine’s Day and the expectations and pressure on most guys is pretty high (and God help the man who forgets it’s Valentine’s altogether!). Every year I hear the same thing from all my buddies: Go out? Stay in? Order in? Are flowers enough?

I always think the personal touch is better. I mean, ordering flowers or making reservations is simple, but I think making something for your Valentine is definitely the way to really impress them, especially if they know you can barely boil water. If you have limited time and limited skill, then a great way to go is with a easy to prepare dessert.

Strawberries with Red Wine Vinegar takes only minutes, and it’s something the two of you can enjoy whether you stay in for the evening or whether you make it when you get back from a dinner out.

All you need is fresh strawberries, good premium vanilla ice cream, red wine vinegar, sugar, and fresh cracked pepper (yes, pepper!).

In a bowl, quarter your strawberries, add a splash of the vinegar, a good sprinkle of the sugar, and a few grinds of the pepper. Give it all a mix and let it rest in your fridge for about five to ten minutes. When you’re ready, pour the berries, along with all of the juice, over the ice cream and serve with some ice wine or champagne. Buon appetito!