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So Much Data – So Little Time

Guest blog from Judy Carter

Just when I was feeling so up on all forms of electronic communication, Lois Creamer, social media expert, asked me, “Are you attending the Tweet Chat tonight?  You know, the hashtag-speakerchat-tweetchat.”

(Yeah, try saying that three times fast!)

“What’s that?” I asked.

“O…M…G Judy!  You haven’t been to a TweetChat???”

Right then and there I felt utter exhaustion overcoming me.  I pride myself in keeping up.  I’ve emailed, faxed, FB-ed, tweeted, Skyped, Google Circled, IM-ed, SMS-ed, VM-ed, Vibered, Voxed, Airbnb-ed, Words with Friended, and I’m even a member of the Psychic Network.  But apparently, that’s not enough.  There is something that I’ve been missing in my life.

I felt overwhelmed — like I couldn’t take a big enough breath for the oxygen this one more thing would need.

I took my dogs and walked out of my house.  I ran into my neighbor, author and improv teacher, Andy Goldberg and his dog Barney.  We talked about our frustrations, our work, our relationships, and our projects – and how there just isn’t enough time for all the things we wish we could do.

We walked, we talked, we got some exercise, and I felt better.  BUT — I had to say goodbye — because I didn’t want to miss my first Tweet Chat.

After spending an hour watching people yak away with 140 characters or less, I realized that the highlight of my day was my conversation with Andy.  There’s nothing better than one-on-one talking, walking, and watching my dogs send and receive their “pee-mail”.

We spend so much time trying to communicate with other people that it’s easy to forget that it works a lot better in person.  That applies to what you do in your career, too.

Get out of the house — and make something happen.