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June Reads: Talking About a Revolution and Entrepreneurship

June Reads: Talking About a Revolution and Entrepreneurship

With the start of June comes our book recommendations for the month! We’ve added two books to our “to read” pile this month from Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Swish Goswami. Both books dive deep into their areas of expertise from social justice and diversity to entrepreneurship and leadership.

With many of our speakers being bestselling authors, ask us how books can be incorporated into your event through giveaways, book signings, and more.

Talking About a Revolution by Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Available June 1

Book cover of "Talking About a Revolution" by Yassmin Abdel-MagiedYassmin Abdel-Magied started out a dynamic, optimistic, naïve, youthful grass-roots organizer and oil rig worker before she found herself taking on the heft of the Australian political and media establishment, unintentionally.

With her characteristic warmth, clarity, and inquisitive nature, Yassmin Abdel-Magied explores resistance, transformation, and revolution in this collection of new and revisited essays. She dives deep into two concepts: “the private and public self” and “systems and society”.

In “the private and public self”, Yassmin shares her passions for cars and cryptocurrency as well as the personal challenges around her activism. She explores the value and process of carving out a private life and self in an incredibly public-facing world and how the concept of identity when one is a “forever migrant” — by ancestry and by choice — is interrogated, as is what it means to organize for social justice when you aren’t sure where you belong.

In “systems and society”, Yassmin charts how her thinking on activism, transformative change, and justice has evolved through essays on cultural appropriation, the meaning of citizenship, and unconscious bias.

The Young Entrepreneur by Swish Goswami

Available May 31

Cover of "The Young Entreprenuer" by Swish GoswamiSwish Goswami built a multi-hyphenate career by the age of 24. He has started six high-impact ventures in four industries and has been recognized for curating the world’s first youth social capital fund. Today, he is the CEO of Surf, a social intelligence platform that helps brands of all sizes make smarter marketing decisions.

In his first book, co-authored with Quinn Underwood, Swish provides practical and realistic advice on starting your own company while young and still in school. It features inspiring examples and invaluable resources to give readers the tools needed to jump-start their entrepreneurial journey.

Interested in learning more about Yassmin and Swish and what they can bring to your next event as keynote speakers and authors? Email us at [email protected].