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How to Communicate More Effectively While Working Remotely

How to Communicate More Effectively While Working Remotely

As we find ourselves adapting to our new work-from-home lifestyles, we called on communication expert Mark Bowden to help us continue to be effective communicators while working remotely, and stay connected with both our teams and clients while maintaining our social distance.

Mark has been voted the #1 body language expert and is sought-after for his communication techniques that help people stand out, win trust, and build credibility. He put together a short video to share some of his best tips to help us better communicate through virtual and digital communication channels.

We can continue to influence and persuade people remotely, Mark said. But, more importantly, we can also learn how to show empathy virtually to help people get through this difficult time we’re all in this together!

1) Reach out to people often but keep it short.

Often the people we relate to the most are those we only speak to for short chunks of time now and then, every day. Emulate that at home. Have a quick chat with them to check in and keep those communication channels open.

2) Raise camera to eye level.

Too often people have their laptop camera placed too low, so we end up looking up our colleague’s nose. Prop your laptop up during virtual meetings so it’s eye level and you are looking at people in the eye.

3) Remember to smile!

We naturally smile at people when we see them face to face, we need to remember this even when speaking to people remotely. Mark suggests that you draw a smiley face on a post it note and place it above your camera. This not only will draw your eyes to look at the camera vs. yourself, but it will also kick in your natural instinct to smile.

4) Keep your space well lit.

Try to warm up your environment with light, whether it’s daylight or well-placed lamps.

5) Don’t be afraid to show people your personal space.

You are in a home environment, Mark says, and it’s okay to let people see some of your personal items, it makes you more relatable. This is an opportunity to let colleagues and clients get to know you a bit better.

6) Keep the screen animated.

Virtual meetings are still a visual form of communication, so don’t be afraid to speak animatedly. Even walk around or get up when making a presentation and use visuals like a white board. People will be more drawn to you if you are lively like you would be in person.

See more tips in Mark’s video below: