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October Reads: New Books by Acclaimed Journalists, Astronauts, Olympians, and More

October Reads: New Books by Acclaimed Journalists, Astronauts, Olympians, and More

That sweet smell of pumpkin spice in the air means October is here, and with it comes those much-anticipated fall reads by heavy hitters like Peter Mansbridge, Colonel Chris Hadfield, Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser, and more.

Whether you’re looking to go behind-the-scenes of the frontlines of journalism, delve deep into the interconnectedness of our planet and climate change, learn from those at the top of their game, or dive into the intrigues of a thriller set in space, we’ve got six new books to add to your bookshelf!

Off the Record by Peter Mansbridge

Available October 5

Off the Record by Peter MansbridgeAfter years of interviewing authors, acclaimed journalist Peter Mansbridge turns the lens on himself in his new book Off the Record, sharing never-before-told stories from his distinguished career. This includes reporting from the fall of the Berlin Wall and the horror of 9/11 and interviewing Canadian prime ministers from John Diefenbaker to Justin Trudeau, to more lighthearted stories on finding the “cure” for baldness in China and landing the role of Peter Moosebridge in Disney’s Zootopia.

From his early broadcasting days to the fast-paced news desk of CBC’s flagship show, The National, Mansbridge reflects on the toll of being in the spotlight, the importance of diversity in the newsroom, the role of the media then and now, and the responsibilities we all bear in an increasingly global world.

Peter Mansbridge is one of Canada’s most respected and recognizable figures, having spent 30 years as CBC News’ chief correspondent and anchor of The National. He takes audiences on a journey through our national story, sharing lessons on how to cultivate trust and lead through extraordinary times.

The Apollo Murders by Colonel Chris Hadfield

Available October 12

The Apollo Murders by Chris HadfieldBestselling author Colonel Chris Hadfield debuts his first fiction novel, The Apollo Murders — a Cold War thriller set in the dark heart of the Space Race.

It’s 1973. A crew of three astronauts make a final, top-secret mission to the Moon aboard Apollo 18. Both Russian and American crews are sprinting for a secret bounty hidden away on the lunar surface, while old rivalries blossom and the political stakes are stretched to a breaking point back on Earth. But not everyone on board Apollo 18 is quite who they appear to be.

Full of fascinating technical detail, Hadfield puts you right there in the moment — experience the fierce G-forces of launch, the frozen loneliness of space, and the fear of holding on to the outside of a spacecraft orbiting the Earth at 17,000 miles per hour, as told by someone who has done all of those things in real life.

Referred to as “the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong,” Colonel Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to command the international Space Station. He is acclaimed for making outer space accessible and continues to bring the marvels of science and space travel to everyone he encounters.

Back to Earth by Nicole Stott

Available October 12

Back to Earth by Nicole StottWhen NASA astronaut Nicole Stott first saw Earth from space, she realized how interconnected we are and knew she had to help protect our planetary home. In Back to Earth, she offers key lessons to empower readers to fight climate change through sharing personal stories from her spaceflight and insights from scientists, activists, and changemakers working to solve our greatest environmental challenges.

Stott believes we each have the power to respect our planetary home and one another by living our lives like crewmates, not passengers, on an inspiring shared mission.

Having explored the earth from the heights of outer space to the depths of our oceans, Nicole Stott shares her unique experiences as both an astronaut and aquanaut in hopes of inspiring and increasing everyone’s appreciation of and obligation to care for our home planet and each other.

Over the Boards by Hayley Wickenheiser

Available October 12

Over the Boards by Hayley WickenheiserThere is no one in the world like Hayley Wickenheiser. In Over the Boards, the greatest women’s hockey player of all time shares lessons learned from winning four Olympic gold medals and hard-earned wisdom from moments when she fell short.

Told with humour, compassion, and steadfast optimism, Wickenheiser shares her wisdom through personal stories of triumph, relentlessness, and more than a couple confrontations. Stories that include how she rose from the backyard pond and changing in boiler rooms (because girls’ dressing rooms didn’t exist) to Olympic MVP (twice), how becoming a parent made her a better athlete, and how she learned to thrive under monumental pressure, while also delving into her immense failures and how she grew from them.

Wickenheiser’s practical advice, coaching, and invaluable perspective inspires readers to never accept “that’s not the way we do things” and empowers them to carve their own ice.

Seven world championships, six Olympic appearances, five Olympic medals — Hayley Wickenheiser is a titan of sport and a leader both on and off the ice. Today, she is a medical doctor, having completed her studies in 2021, and the Senior Director of Player Development for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

My Best Mistake by Terry O’Reilly

Available October 26

My Best Mistake by Terry O'ReillyThe fear of failing often holds us back, but in his fascinating and meticulously researched new book, Terry O’Reilly — host of CBC Radio’s Under the Influence — explores the surprising power of screwing up.

The Incredible Hulk was originally supposed to be grey, but a printing glitch led to the superhero’s iconic green colour. NHL hall-of-famer Serge Savard’s hockey career nearly ended prematurely, not because of an injury, but because of an oversight. And the invention of a beloved treat, the Popsicle, began with a simple mistake.

In My Best Mistake, O’Reilly will change how you think about screwing up and will encourage you to accept mistakes and embrace the obstacles that may arise from these errors, leading you to unexpected breakthroughs and silver linings of your own.

Terry O’Reilly is the familiar voice behind the hit CBC radio shows O’Reilly on Advertising, The Age of Persuasion, and his current program, Under the Influence. In his intriguing talks, he explores the big and small things organizations must do to create effective marketing, and provides his expertise on branding, campaigns, and more.

The Three Chairs: How Great Leaders Drive Communication, Performance, and Engagement by Dr. Karyn Gordon

Available October 31

The Three Chairs by Dr. Karyn GordonIn The Three Chairs, Dr. Karyn Gordon shares a framework to transform anyone’s ability to lead based on her unique approach, the “Five Leadership EQ Skills”. Readers will learn how to identify great leadership, master communication, enhance proper goal-setting, improve decision-making, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase employee engagement.

Called a breakthrough leadership book for the 21st century, this book allows readers to see themselves more clearly, engage more deeply with those around them, and equip themselves to be confident and great leaders.

Dr. Karyn Gordon’s purpose is to develop great leaders who drive success both at home and work. She draws on her extensive research into leadership, relationships, and emotional intelligence to help audiences foster the skills needed to lead in the 21st century.

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