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Rona Ambrose: How US-Imposed Tariffs Will Impact the Canadian Economy

Rona Ambrose: How US-Imposed Tariffs Will Impact the Canadian Economy

As a member of the NAFTA Advisory Council and a Global Fellow at the Wilson Centre Canada Institute in Washington D.C., the Hon. Rona Ambrose is often a featured expert on key Canada-US bilateral trade and competitiveness issues. She was recently asked by BNN Bloomberg to share insight into the ongoing trade negotiations between Canada, the US, and Mexico and their potential impact on the economy and industries across Canada.

In the video segment below, Ambrose outlines the pressure points that Canada will be negotiating in the next couple of weeks including the dairy sector, sunset clauses, dispute resolution, and, more specifically, the looming 25 per cent tariff on our auto sector, which she says will have devastating consequences for Ontario and Canada as a whole. She also outlines which areas we may need to compromise on or get creative with in order to counter those damaging tariffs.

“These looming tariffs are huge and obviously put a tonne of pressure on our negotiating team to think about where we might find some flexibility around some of these tough issues like dairy, or the sunset clause,” she says.

“I think that Trump is using [auto tariffs] as a very big hammer against Canada and I believe that he is serious, and we have to take it very seriously because of the obvious impact on the economy.”

Watch the whole interview below:

Ambrose is the former leader of both Canada’s Official Opposition in the House of Commons and the Conservative Party of Canada, and is also a passionate champion for the rights of women and girls. She speaks on national and foreign policy as well as women in leadership.

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