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Canada vs. the US: What Does It Mean for Us?

Canada vs. the US: What Does It Mean for Us?

We are living in an unprecedented time. Ongoing trade negotiations between Canada and the US continue to intensify and dreams of a mutually-beneficial trade agreement seem to be a thing of the past. Below are some leading political experts who can provide context to Canada-US relations and its wide-ranging impact on industries, both nation-wide and globally.

The Hon. Rona Ambrose | Former Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition in the House of Commons

As the former leader of Canada’s Official Opposition in the House of Commons and the former leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, the Honourable Rona Ambrose knows politics. She is currently a member of the NAFTA advisory council and an active supporter of Canada staying firm in trade negotiations.

Andrew Coyne | Nationally Syndicated Political Journalist

Andrew Coyne is nationally syndicated journalist who delivers insightful, provocative commentary on political and economic issues facing Canadians today. He was the former national editor of Maclean’s and is currently a columnist with Postmedia.

John Ibbitson | Award-Winning Political Journalist | #1 Bestselling Author

One of Canada’s most acclaimed political journalists, John Ibbitson has his finger on the pulse of national and international politics. He understands the political landscape at home, south of the border, and around the world, and what the implications are for your business and industry.

Janice Gross Stein | Founding Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

Few people have a better understanding of global issues than Professor Janice Gross Stein, founding director of the Munk School of Global Affairs. She understands what’s really happening around the world and not only connects the dots regarding key events, but provides a look at where things are headed, and where the potential dangers and opportunities may lie. Both realistic and hopeful, she leaves her audiences with a better understanding of current global issues, and a clear, compelling vision of the future.