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October Reads: New Books by Astronaut Chris Hadfield, Former NHLer Jordin Tootoo, and More!

October Reads: New Books by Astronaut Chris Hadfield, Former NHLer Jordin Tootoo, and More!

Have we got some exciting fall reads for you! With a new thriller from Colonel Chris Hadfield, plus memoirs from former NHLers, current Olympians, and one of Canada’s favourite comedians — you’re going to want to make some room on your bookshelves.

Speak-Up Culture: When Leaders Truly Listen, People Step Up by Stephen Shedletzky

Available October 3
Speak-Up Culture by Stephen Shedletzky

Stephen Shedletzky is a sought-after leadership speaker and coach who has focused his career on helping leaders listen to and nurture the voices of others; to build environment where people feel heard and that they, their opinion, and their contributions matter — a speak-up culture.

His new book, Speak-Up Culture, illustrates how creating such an environment is the responsibility and the advantage of every leader who wants to be great at leading, and who wants to create a better version of humanity while they do. Because the bottom line is that organizations with speak-up cultures are safer, more innovative, more engaged, and better-performing than their peers.

Next-Level Teamwork: The 5 Tensions to Manage for High-Performance Teams by Tim Arnold

Available October 5
The 5 Tensions to Manage for High-Performance Teams

Tim Arnold has created the ultimate guide to break free from the cycle of dysfunctional teams and unlock a team’s full potential.

While others run away from tension, you’re going to learn to embrace it. Next-Level Teamwork shows leaders how to harness the power of healthy tension in five key areas to shift your team from unproductive to unstoppable.

This book does not provide you with miracle cures or magical formulas, Tim says, it offers something even more valuable — an actionable plan. By implementing the “plays” outlined in this book, you will set your team on the path to success because life is simply too short to settle for working in a dysfunctional team.

The Defector by Chris Hadfield

Available October 10
The Defector by Chris Hadfield

Following up his #1 bestselling thriller The Apollo Murders, Colonel Chris Hadfield brings readers on a supersonic hunt for a shadowy Soviet defector.

In Chris’ second heart-stopping thriller, he takes us to another rich and exciting part of his CV — his time as a top test pilot in both the US Air Force and the US Navy, and as an RCAF fighter pilot intercepting armed Soviet bombers in North American airspace.

Full of insider detail, excitement and political intrigue drawn from real events, The Defector brings readers the nerve-shredding rush of aerial combat, as told by one of the world’s top fighter pilots.

Mind Over Matter: Hard-Won Battles on the Road to Hope by Jordin Tootoo

Available October 17
Mind Over Matter: Hard-Won Battles on the Road to Hope by Jordin Tootoo

Following the bestselling success of his memoir All the Way, pioneering Inuit NHLer Jordin Tootoo begins the process of healing in the wake of the suicide and violence that marks his family, only to discover the source of all that trauma in his father’s secret past.

Jordin travels back to Nunavut to try to speak with his father about what haunts him and encounters the ghosts of the entire community. But, as Jordin says, we are continuously learning and rewriting our story at every step. Jordin has learned from his mistakes and his victories, from examples of great courage and humility, from being a father and a husband, and from his own Inuk traditions of perseverance and discipline in the face of hardship.

Weaving together life’s biggest themes with observations and experiences, Jordin shares the kind of wisdom he has had to specialize in — the hard-won kind.

Ignite: Unlock the Hidden Potential Within by Andre De Grasse

Available October 17

Gain insightful, practical lessons on life, on and off the track, from an Olympic and world champion.

Andre De Grasse’s gold medal victory in the 200-metre race at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics captivated Canadians across the nation as they witnessed a feat not accomplished by any other Canadian in close to a century.

In Ignite, Andre shares his incredible and improbable journey to becoming an Olympic champion. He shares inspirational stories and lessons about the determination, resilience, and perseverance it takes to become the best, leaving readers equipped to unlock their own hidden potential and stare down life’s challenges whether at work, at home, or in pursuit of their dreams.

Funny You Should Say That by Gerry Dee

Available October 17
Funny You Should Say That by Gerry Dee

One of Canada’s top comedians shares the funniest stories from his life and career in this collection of hilarious essays.

For more than two decades, Gerry Dee has made audiences laugh, first as a stand-up comedian and then as the star of his own television series, Mr. D. In Funny You Should Say That, Gerry writes about his life — from being a kid in suburban Toronto to becoming a father, starring in his own TV show, and going on the road to comedy clubs across Canada and the US. This is Gerry Dee at his comedic finest.

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