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Lital Marom on How to Pivot in the Face of Crisis

Lital Marom on How to Pivot in the Face of Crisis

While it can feel like this is a moment to focus on how quickly we can react and change, long term success requires a more comprehensive approach. In a recent piece for Forbes, innovation strategist Lital Marom writes about the opportunities that can surface in a crisis and several of the key considerations any organization should keep in mind while trying to capitalize on them.

In her piece, Lital outlines what it is about crises that leads to opportunity but also the pitfalls that surface in these situations:

For businesses and organizations, crises are much like a storm in a large forest: Trees that are unable to be flexible break under the pressure of the wind. With larger and older trees out of the picture, there are more nutrients and light for smaller trees and seedlings. These smaller, younger trees then stretch and grow, moving into the newly opened space and benefiting from the increase in sunlight.

Global crises take out competitors who are stuck in old and inflexible ways of thinking and operating, leaving the market open for businesses that are agile. However, many businesses fail to engage in several critical steps. It’s tempting for us to believe that reduced competition is, in and of itself, enough to guarantee success in a market in flux. The reality is that stretching and growing our businesses to meet new needs is a process deserving of careful thought and strategic planning. Indeed, it will be the difference between merely adapting and thriving.

That last sentence is arguably the crux of what matters when it comes to navigating our new normal, and, with her work, Lital is offering companies the necessary insight to pivot from survival to success.

A thought leader on agile business processes, digital transformation, and the future of work, Lital Marom is an expert at helping organizations unlock the potential of their business by leveraging emerging technologies and new economic models.

In her practical and engaging talks, Lital inspires business leaders to “disrupt themselves” and push beyond their limitations to future proof their businesses.

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