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2020 Trending Topics: Future-Ready Leadership

2020 Trending Topics: Future-Ready Leadership

To be a successful leader in 2020, it means far more than managing people and the day-to-day operations of a company. It’s about keeping an eye to the future, staying on top of trends, encouraging innovation, being the disrupters, and finding more ways to connect with both employees and consumers.

Meet some of our top leadership speakers, who provide a 360 perspective on what leadership qualities are needed for the 21st century and beyond, and how we can cultivate these qualities both in ourselves and others.

Ron Tite | Marketing, Branding, and Creativity Expert

Today’s consumers, clients, and employees are inundated with non-stop promotional messaging, content, and broken promises. Marketing and branding expert Ron Tite helps leaders learn how to cut through that noise to foster trusting and lasting relationships and thrive even amongst the chaos. It’s based on three words — Think. Do. Say.

Ron has worked with some of the most respected brands in the world, including Air France, Evian, Hershey, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Intel, Microsoft, and Volvo. Addressing a variety of topics surrounding branding, corporate strategy, and content, Ron’s presentations are not only information-packed, they’re also infused with his unique humour.

Drawing from his new book, Think. Do. Say.: Building Personal and Organizational Momentum in a Busy, Busy World, Ron shares insight into how to lead with purpose (think), reinforce it with action (do), and tell people about it (say). He’s your guide to making good thing happen for you and your organization.

Nilofer Merchant | Former Tech Executive | Bestselling Author

A renewed business strategist, who recently received the “Future Thinker” award from Thinkers50, Nilofer Merchant seeks to empower all of us by giving us the tools and courage to own what makes us unique.

Innovation — a key to long-term success — is the child of fresh takes, new perspectives, and breakthrough ideas. Few companies, argues Nilofer, will survive unless they understand the concept of “onlyness” and learn how to tap into the vast source of innovation too often overlooked in our own people. But, it starts by building a culture of trust and inclusivity.

Building from her latest book, The Power of Onlyness, Nilofer shares the key components to cultivating and applying a culture of trust to completely transform the efficiency and engagement of a workplace. Through this, she illuminates what’s possible when we trust each other, value each other’s differences, and empower each other to share even our wildest ideas — organizations can out-perform and out-innovate in any market.

Dr. John Izzo | Bestselling Author | Business Visionary

Known as a pioneer in employee engagement, change management, and corporate social responsibility, Dr. John Izzo helps companies maximize their potential from the ground-up.

For more than 20 years, John has led the purposeful leadership revolution and is known for his lasting impact on organizations. His previous clients have included TELUS, McDonald’s, Qantas Airlines, Microsoft, and many more.

John combines practical content with inspirational storytelling to help leaders discover their authentic purpose, and create an action plan to ensure employees own it, that it connects with customers, and that every corporate action and activity reflects it. As a result, leaders will see engagement, productivity, and profits climb, leading to a more sustainable future.

Simon Sinek | Renowned Leadership Expert | Author, The Infinite Game and Start With Why

With the release of his new book, Simon Sinek is challenging people to become infinite leaders. A celebrated thought leader, Simon is the author of multiple bestselling books, including the global bestseller Start With Why. He is best known for popularizing the concept of “why” in his 2009 TED Talk, which is the third most watched talk of all time on, with more than 35 million views.

Simon seeks to change our perspective on how we lead by asking a deceptively simple question — how do you stay ahead in a game with no end? He believes that great leaders instinctively adopt an infinite mindset because they know that in business there are no set winners or losers, that the players come and go, and the rules are constantly changing. Business is an infinite game and only through changing our mindset, will we see long-term success.

Drawing on a wide-range of examples, Simon provides a guidebook to help leaders learn how to be infinite players, no matter their industry, so they can create stronger organizations that can weather nearly any storm.

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