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Jennifer Keesmaat: “We Can Create the World Around Us”

Jennifer Keesmaat: “We Can Create the World Around Us”

Renowned urbanist Jennifer Keesmaat had a busy Fall 2018 as she joined Toronto’s mayoral race. Following the October election, she joined us in our office to share her experience running for political office and what’s up next for Toronto’s former Chief Planner.

Jennifer is passionate about creating places where people flourish. In this first clip, she discusses why it is so important for people to feel empowered to contribute to their community, and that we do have the ability to create and design inclusive cities.

She also shared some insight into what’s next as she continues her career as an urbanist and generalist.

Named one of the “most powerful people in Canada” by Maclean’s, and one of the “most influential” by Toronto Life, Jennifer Keesmaat spent five years as Toronto’s Chief City Planner, where she was celebrated for her innovative and collaborative approach to city-building.

In her talks, Jennifer shares her vision for cities of the future, and her belief in inspired leadership. Interested in learning more about Jennifer and what she can bring to your event? Email us at [email protected].