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Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week (and How To Get One)

Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week (and How To Get One)

In his latest article for the Toronto Star, Happiness Expert Neil Pasricha argues that we should have one “untouchable day,” per week. That untouchable day is one deliberately unreachable day you insert into your life. The result: an increased ability to focus your mind and get stuff done while still maintaining your sanity on the days when you really have to shine. Here’s how Pasricha says we can achieve that untouchable day and stick to scheduling it:

The two components of an untouchable day: 

  1. Big projects or deep creative work to accomplish step by step.
  2. “Nitros” – a refuel to help you de-stress and refocus; examples: workouts or changing work spaces.

In troubleshooting where a good opportunity or something deserving of your time does occur, Neil advises that you can move your day to another day within the week but you can never delete your day or move it to a new week.

How to schedule an untouchable day: 

  1. Mark your calendar in advance
  2. Put your phone in airplane mode for the day and disable your wi-fi on your laptop. In the case of an emergency, you can tell a loved one where you will be. That way, your contact can call the place where you are or go to the place if need be.

For more on what Neil accomplished during his untouchable day last year, read the full article here.