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Powerful Men Laid Low by the Hour: #MeToo Remaking Society Literally Overnight

As the #MeToo movement continues to gain momentum, celebrities, politicians, and people in power-positions alike are realizing that there is no longer safety in the secrets they have kept for so long. With a growing support network of women around the world, spectators are being forced to reconsider the squeaky-clean facades of many trusted individuals. As Award-Winning Political Journalist John Ibbitson says, “there are a lot of men no longer sleeping well at night”.

In a recent Globe and Mail article, Ibbitson comments on the impact of this powerful movement on the future of Canadian politics. Recent allegations have forced favoured Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown to step down, perhaps creating an opportunity for the Liberals to remain in power for another term.

It’s shaping how an entire society views inequality, and what that means for those who abuse their power. He continues:

Let it roll on. Let it grow. Boomers like me deluded ourselves into thinking that the old days were behind us. The professor seducing the reluctant student. The men at their private parties with their “hostesses.” The proposition, the threat: Sex with me, or else. Always, over and over and over again, power harnessed to lust, with the young and powerless paying the price. Some of us thought things had gotten better. But maybe not.

This is not to prejudge anyone’s innocence or guilt. The courts are there for that. Mr. Brown and Mr. Baillie will, if they so choose, have an opportunity to confront their accusers.

But the public square is not a court. And everyone of good will stands today with those who say: Enough. No more. No more fine words and fancy declarations that protected no one. No more lip service to equality, even as the man presses himself against the girl or boy – frozen, terrified, not knowing what to do.

 Let everyone know: If you are accused you could lose everything. Maybe in just a few hours.​

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