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Building Equality and a Better Tomorrow

First and foremost, Chitra Anand considers herself an intrapreneur; that is, an entrepreneur within a large, complex organization. She believes that technology is changing how we communicate with each other, and as a result, corporate communication lives in a new era. When she was the Head of Public Relations, Communications, & Corporate Reputation for Microsoft Canada, she dedicated her career to creating stories that resonate with consumers and driving brand identity. In her previous role as Director of Marketing for TELUS Corp., her ten years with the company stimulated mergers and acquisitions, sales, brand/strategy development, and media campaigns that received rave reviews.

In her present work as a doctoral student at the University of Bradford in the U.K., Chitra studies business with an emphasis in intrapreneurship. Her research consists of answering big, organizational questions: What does it really mean to be an intrapreneur, and why is it so important to companies? How can organizations attract and support these trailblazers from within?

In a world changing “at rapid-fire pace,” Chitra is an advocate for economic empowerment, human rights, education, and children. In 2008, she and her team at TELUS, along with the Kid’s Health Links Foundation and several hospitals, were bestowed the “Corporate IT Hero” award by the Information Technology Association of Canada for their development of Upopolis, a social networking app for sick and hospitalized children.

Chitra was invited to the May 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit held in New York City, where she shared her thoughts on hot topics with Forward Thinking. The event, which is co-sponsored by the Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University, highlighted women in business across a multitude of verticals, such as technology, education, media, and entertainment, among others.

Chitra’s words echoed those of the strong women around her, women who have fought for their voices to be heard in largely male-dominated arenas. Each of the leading ladies—figures such as Lilly Ledbetter, Sarah Brakow, Eva Smith, and other experts in their fields—brought unique experiences and perspectives to the discrepancies they witness in the workplace. Chitra elegantly captured the sentiment of the event and the need for change in the business world today.

She noted, “It’s all about equalization. It’s about having the same opportunities, being treated the same way. It’s about creating opportunities.”

Ashford University/March, 2017