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Top 5 Golf Tips for Lowering your Score

Top 5 Golf Tips for Lowering your Score

Being clear and committed to your goals determines how far you will go and what success you are able to achieve. Seven-time Canadian Long Drive Champion Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk, who—just over ten years ago—went from being a high-handicap recreational golfer to a professional player who hits farther than most men, shows others how to determine what drives them, where they want to go, and how to get there. Although the golf season will soon be wrapping up for most of us, Lisa shares five of her best golf  tips below, since it’s never too late to hone your technique:

1. Keep Your Grip In Your Fingers

Players often get their grip too far in the palm of their hand instead of in their fingers. This creates poor positions for the club and affects how far you can hit the ball and hitting it on line. A great tip is to pick your club up with your lead hand as if you are picking up a suitcase, or a briefcase. You would pick it up in your fingers. That is where the club should be when you hold it.

Tip 1 -  Picking up a brief case in your fingers - Copy

2. Ball Position

It is very easy for the ball to get out of position in your stance. You can have a great swing but if the ball is not in a good position you will hit it too early or too late in your golf swing affecting the trajectroy, the distance and the accuracy. A great check for ball position on your driver is to use an alignment rod or a club. Line the rod up with the ball so it extends from the ball towards your feet. Start with your feet together on either side of the rod with the ball in the middle. Move just you back foot so your feet are slightly wider than shoulder width apart. The ball should be off the instep of your front foot . If you move your feet you will see immediately that your lead foot is away from the rod and your ball is the wrong position.

Tip 2 Use allignment rod to check ball position on driver

3. Fan Your Front Foot

To maximize your power and turn in your swing you need to fan the front foot to a 45 degree angle. This will allow you to turn your hips better and allow you to clear your hip on your downswing. When your lead foot is straight and not flared you also put a lot of pressure on it and it restricts your turn. Anyone with lead knee problem or pain should do this.

Tip 3

4. Low and Slow

When you take your club back in your back swing think low and slow. It is very easy to be quick and pick your club up with your hands. Think about dragging the club head along the ground for the first 6 inches of your back swing. Let your back swing fully load up before you start your down swing.

Tip 4 Low and Slow Take away

5. Finish Your Swing

It is easy to focus so much on hitting the ball that your stop swinging there. This causes players to finish with their weight on their back foot and out of balance. You will lose at least 30 yards and will have difficulty hitting a straight ball.   It is very important that you accelerate through the ball. Your club head should be moving fastest 3 feet past the ball.   By accelerating thorough the ball you will naturally be pulled to your front side and be able to finish with your weight over your front foot. A great check of this is to see if you can lift your back foot while you hold your finish. If you can’t you have too much weight over the back side. Your finish should also be in balance. You should be able to hold your finish until your ball lands.

Tip 5.Finishing with weight on your front side

Many of these tips we “know” as golfers but it is very easy to forget. Make sure you are doing these 5 things and look forward to your scores dropping this season!

By Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk/August, 2014