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Speakers’ Spotlight Trainers Help You Gain Advantage With—And Without—Words

Speakers’ Spotlight Trainers Help You Gain Advantage With—And Without—Words

Your ability to communicate directly impacts your ability to lead, collaborate, provide service, and even affects your bottom line. Speakers’ Spotlight’s expert trainers provide unique and practical communication skills that work to immediately maximize performance and success through workshops, facilitation, e-learning, webinars, and many other types of solutions customized exclusively for your needs:

Mark Bowden and Michael Bungay Stanier

Mark Bowden
Communication Expert

Expert performance trainer Mark Bowden shows how to implement persuasive communication skills to win trust and generate profit.  The author of Winning Body Language, Mark’s communication techniques are used by top executives and political leaders around the world who seek to gain an advantage—beyond words.


Michael Bungay Stanier
Organizational-Change Coach

Michael Bungay Stanier believes it’s time for organizations to stop doing good work, and start doing great work. An organizational-change coach, Michael shares communication strategies with leaders to help them stay connected to their teams and inspiring personal bests, every day.

Heath Slawner and Smartleese Creative

Heath Slawner
Strategic Communication and Leadership Expert

Through his in-depth and dynamic sessions, Heath Slawner explains how to harness the art of influence and persuasion to strengthen internal and external relationships and in doing so, directly contributes to improved growth and profitability.

Smartleese Creative
Improv Tools for Idea Generation

Dynamic improv duo Lee Smart and Lindsay Leese draw on their decades-plus improvisation and sketch comedy background to help professionals hone their presentation skills. Smartleese Creative explains the elements of a winning presentation, helps people recognize presentation pitfalls, and provides the techniques required to achieve—and exceed—their desired outcome.