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Guest blog from Lorraine Behnan

Lorraine Behnan is a highly recognized speaker on change and communication who successfully motivates and trains companies and associations to evolve and excel through strategic change and personal change management. She creates speeches and workshops that are both highly motivational and remarkably practical for today’s fast-forward world. A former actor and writer with the famed Second City Comedy Revue, Lorraine combines her theatrical skills with her consulting experience to create programs which are both educational and entertaining, a style that has been branded as “edu-tainment”.

Organizations and companies continually look for new ways to create memorable and valuable meetings. One of the most popular practices is to engage a dynamic Keynote Speaker whose role is to set the tone for the day, introduce the theme, and infuse excitement and energy that can be sustained for the duration of the event. A great keynote speech inspires the audience, encourages a call-to-action, and generates interest to explore the topic further.

Sixty minutes goes by quickly. If you want to maximize the benefit of the speech and increase the longevity of its impact then consider engaging the same speaker to deliver both the keynote speech and lead or facilitate a workshop on the same day. This is an option that is becoming more in demand to increase the sustainability of an event.

This combined offering of Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader offers double the value.

1.   Having the same speaker deliver the keynote and lead or facilitate a workshop provides continuity and boosts retention of key messages and best practices.

2.The keynote followed by a workshop creates an immediate opportunity to put theory into practice. Participants can dive deeper into the learning and development process while the keynote ideas are still fresh.

3. The workshop setting allows the participants to build a deeper relationship with the speaker thereby increasing their willingness to embrace and implement ideas.

4. Participating in social functions at the end of the day can extend speaker value.  The speaker is available to converse and answer questions in a more relaxed and personable environment. Establishing an enduring connection between speaker and attendees can enhance the event experience.

5. Engaging the same person to be a keynote speaker, workshop leader facilitator may allow for a cost saving opportunity.