Marc Lafleur Headshot

Marc Lafleur

CEO and Co-founder, truLOCAL | Angel Investor

Building three businesses from the ground up has given Marc Lafleur a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape. As the co-founder and CEO of truLOCAL, he’s built it into a team of 60+ people, expanded across Canada and the US, and successfully led its $16.7 million acquisition — all within five years. Lafleur’s dynamic entrepreneurial journey shows audiences a new way to approach business and leadership for exponential growth.

While studying at university, Lafleur found his niche in entrepreneurship. After two failed start-ups, he co-founded truLOCAL in 2016, a monthly meat delivery service platform that connects consumers to local suppliers. Within five years, truLOCAL accumulated a series of wins, including a successful pitch on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and annual revenues exceeding $20 million. Lafleur landed the cover of the Globe and Mail’s 2020 Report on Business for leading Canada’s 14th top growing company.

Lafleur is passionate about mentoring up-and-coming founders. After several successful angel investments, he has earned a reputation as a value-added investor among early-stage startups. As a black founder, Lafleur had become accustomed to having doors closed on him and has spent the past two years empowering minorities to understand that they not only deserve a seat at the table, but that their unique challenges give them an advantage. Lafleur created the “truLOCAL Equal Opportunity Grant” to support black entrepreneurs through $5,000 business grants.

As a keynote speaker, Lafleur has shared his inspiring message to companies such as Lululemon and Google, as well as academic institutions like the University of Waterloo and York University. Lafleur has taken a special interest in speaking to today’s youth in hopes of inspiring a new generation of leaders. He says, “If my story can inspire even one kid to take a risk and go after something someone told them they couldn’t achieve, then I’ve done what I’m here to do.”

Lafleur is a graduate of the University of Waterloo. Realizing the importance of governance, he entered the Institute of Corporate Directors’ “Director Education Program” (DEP) and, in 2021, became one of their youngest graduates.

Leadership for a World Disrupted

In today’s cross-generational workplace shaped by a worldwide pandemic, leaders are faced with unique challenges that require unique solutions.

As the CEO and co-founder of truLOCAL, Marc Lafleur helped build his company to 60+ employees, expand it across Canada and US, and successfully lead a $16.7 million acquisition all within five years and amidst a worldwide pandemic. It was a crash course in leading through both crisis and exponential growth.

In this dynamic keynote, Lafleur dives deep into the skillsets and mindsets needed to successfully lead in today’s changed world, including talent engagement and retention strategies, leading cross-generational teams, navigating risk, and, most importantly, bringing purpose back into the workplace.

Being a leader today means being a professional problem solver AND relationship builder. Lafleur shows audiences how to master both and become a leader for the 21st century.

Your Guide to Web3 and How it’s Changing Business as We Know it

Blockchain, metaverse, cryptocurrency, NFTs — these are no longer the buzzwords of the future. Web3 is here and changing business as we know it.

Marc Lafleur takes audiences on a deep dive into Web3, exploring how its evolving and shaping the future of work. He’ll share case studies showing how brands are strategically using it to build new revenue streams and enhance their marketing, while equipping audiences with practical strategies on how to get started within their own organizations.

Are You Sure You Want to Delete? The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship

Six months after co-founding his first startup, Tell, Marc Lafleur accidentally deleted all of the users of his instant messaging app. That was the end of his first startup.

As a green and naive first-time founder, Lafleur thought he had everything figured out — “I wanted control over everything and, if we’re being honest, I was a bit of a tyrant,” he said. This led him to a fatal error that forced him to re-examine everything. If he hadn’t failed so hard at the beginning, Lafleur knows he would never have found the success he’s experienced today as the co-founder and CEO of truLOCAL.

Having built three businesses from the ground up, Lafleur has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. He shares lessons learned while exploring the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey — from having two failed businesses to finding himself in the Dragons’ Den and successfully leading a $16.7 million acquisition.

Leadership Under the Age of 30

As the CEO and co-founder of truLOCAL, Marc Lafleur helped build his company to 60+ employees and expand it across Canada and US — all before the age of 30. Learning how to lead is different when you don’t have a track record, you need to earn trust. In this presentation, Lafleur explores the unique challenges young leaders face, and outlines actionable strategies to navigate them. This includes:

  • How to decide what type of business you’re building (lifestyle, venture, or empire).
  • How to give up superstar mentality (your job is to develop superstars, not hog the spotlight).
  • Why you should hire for enthusiasm instead of experience.
  • How to avoid decision paralysis (It’s your job to make decisions, even if they’re the wrong ones).

Your Digital Identity: The Value and Challenges of On-Chain Reputation

Our online wallets house our digital assets — NFTs, tokens, cryptocurrency — while tracking all of our online activity in one place. Instead of our digital identity and activity spread out across social platforms and online stores, it now lives in one place, which leaves many people wondering at what point do our wallets become more important, influential, or valuable than their IRL owners?

If a celebrity wallet owner like Snoop Dogg decides to sell his wallet, all of his on-chain activity and reputation go with it. Does the new owner of that wallet get to continue interacting in Web3 as Snoop? Or, if an anonymous wallet created a Web3 identity using an ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and a PFP (picture for proof), and built a massive Web3 following, does the value decrease because the anonymous Web3 identity sells their wallet and its now under new management? What if it’s your favorite brand that buys it, does the value increase?

Marc Lafleur brings audiences on a deep dive into the blockchain, your wallet, and the value and challenges users face with personal branding and reputation in a digital world.